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Black and White in Color

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Winner of the 1976 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Black and White in Color is an irrepressible and timely satire on racism, colonialism, and war. Set in the Ivory Coast of 1915, a group of bungling French colonialists in a remote trading post, learn that their country is at war with Germany. Spurred on by a capricious moment of patriotism (and boredom), the Frenchmen decide to attack their peaceful German neighbors, who reside in a colony up the river. This touches off a brutal series of hilariously unfortunate events. 

The film has lots of funny moments: We see the French missionaries, for example, being carried by porters through the jungle and enjoying the porters' native folk songs. The subtitles translate: “My white man is fat and lazy…”

And there is a quietly savage view of the way Christianity was used to colonize Africa. The natives are lined up, for example, and lectured to: "The white man's God is stronger because he teaches the white man to ride the bicycle!" Then follows a demonstration of the white missionaries riding the bicycle, followed by a demonstration of a native convert to Christianity, also riding a bicycle.

Who will win at the end? You will have to come and see for yourselves.

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