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Man on the Tightrope


~This Week~

"One thing is certain… We will have fun sharing the evening together"

Our movie tonight is called MAN ON A TIGHTROPE. It was directed by that famous filmmaker, Elia Kazan (America, America; Streetcar Named Desire), in 1953.  (The screenplay was written by Robert Sherwood, the author of The Best Years of Our Lives, from a novel by Neil Paterson.) 

Fredric March (A Star Is Born; Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde) plays the title role of Karel Chernik, the owner of a small Czech circus that's been in his family for generations. When the Communists take over, officials begin to dictate almost every aspect of how the tight-knit group can operate. Karel's wife, Zama (Gloria Grahame), becomes increasingly frustrated with the restricted new reality, and Karel must struggle to find a way to to escape Communist rule by fleeing Czechoslovakia so that the circus can thrive again. 

MAN ON A TIGHTROPE  is a suspenseful, well-done, triumphant Cold War parable you are surely going to enjoy. 

See you Wednesday, December 12 at 6PM.  (1hr. 45 minutes, in B&W, 1953)

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