The Museum of International Propaganda

Call for Art 

 “Against TRUMPISM:
 The Art & Poetry of Resistance"

 at the

Museum of International Propaganda
1000 Fifth St. San Rafael, CA 94901

Opening Reception          Thursday, April 20, 2017   6 – 10 pm.
Dates of Show                 Thursday, April 20 – Sat. April 29th

                                      Closed Sunday – Tuesday April 23 – 25.

Deadline for submission Tuesday, April 10
Art Drop Off Date/Time    Friday -  Sunday, April 14 - 17, noon to 3 pm
Art Pickup Date/Time      Sunday, April 30 - from noon to 5 pm
                                      Wednesday, May 3rd – from noon to 3 pm

Curators:                        Patrick Gannon & Adrienne Amundsen     

We are requesting works of art (paintings & prints) for a juried show that were created after November 8, 2016 in response to the election and inauguration of Donald Trump.

Please send a digital photo of the work including size and description of the piece.to artofresistingtrump@gmail.com. Deadline is Monday, April 10. 

All work must be ready to hang and have the artist name and phone number on the back.

If accepted, all work must be delivered to the museum by Sunday April 17h at 5 pm. Artists will be informed of their acceptance by April 12th.

Please include a 2" x 4" white horizontal show label printed in Century Gothic type with the following:   1. Name of artwork; 2. Artist Name;  3. Artist Website; 4. Media;  5.  Three sentences about what inspired the creation of the art;  6. Price;

All artists are responsible for their own sales. No commission will be charged by the museum.

Each artist accepted is asked to make a $20 donation to cover installation costs.

By entering this show, the artist acknowledges that the Museum’s property insurance does not cover loss, theft or damage to the art pieces. All due care will be taken to protect the art during installation and exhibition.

Call for Art!

​Name :  ______________________________________________________

Address :  ____________________________________________________

Email :            __________________________________________________

Title of Artwork :        ____________________________________________

Media :           _________________________________________________

Dimensions of Artwork :  ________________________________________

Please describe in three sentences how the election and inauguration of Donald Trump inspired the creation of this artwork.

 Submit this page and jpg of artwork by April 10th to :


Decisions will be announced April 12th and instructions for shipping artwork or dropping artwork off will be forwarded.

Looking for art inspired by the election, for a pop-up event hosted by Art of Resisting Trump.​​

Please follow these directions to submit your work